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Holy Sepulcher Parish

Client: Holy Sepulcher Parish
Location: Glade Mills, Butler, Pennsylvania
Size: 17,625 SF

In July 2005, the parish of Holy Sepulcher, located in Glade Mills, Middlesex Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania, dedicated their new church facility.   This 16,500 square foot, one story facility represented the culmination of the first phase of the master plan study developed in 1999 for the parish.  The second phase is a multipurpose parish center that has been planned as an addition to the new church building.

The building displays its religious and architectural presence on the higher north end of the parish property.  The brick and precast concrete structure is climaxed with a 45 foot high bell tower from which a refurbished bell announces church events or just the time of day.

The new facility includes the main church, a separate day chapel, a bride room and an administration wing with parish offices, work room, meetings rooms, and a choir room.

Many design elements within the building are reminders of traditional Catholic art and architecture and parish history itself.  The curved stone feature wall displayed in the sanctuary and at the day chapel uses the same stone that was built into the original 1955 church building, which still stands at the south end of the parish campus.  Various stained glass windows, salvaged from St. Michael’s on the Southside, were designed as feature windows throughout the facility, encased by traditional brick circles and arches.

The dramatic and carefully designed nave, seating 700 on a sloped floor, provides clear and direct vistas of the sanctuary with its Resurrection feature stained glass window.  The sight lines from the pews continue through clear glass to the green farm fields beyond.

The marble liturgical furnishings – altar, ambo, tabernacle table, and baptismal font – were designed by the architect incorporating former components from the old St. Michael’s main altar.

All of these religious artifacts and architectural elements were incorporated into a traditional church envelope that brings the past and future together, as the parish prepares for growth in the 21st century with their new building.

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