Project Description

Designed to Welcome, Protect and Serve

Client: Municipality of Monroeville
Location: Monroeville, Pennsylvania
Size: 41,000 SF New Construction

The Municipality of Monroeville hired RSSC Architecture to replace their dated government facility with a new facility designed to meet the needs of a growing and vibrant community. The Municipality’s needs required us to provide multi-faceted and deliberate design solutions to promote ongoing communication between its various departments and the community. It was important that we design safe separation of uses between public and private areas, which include their administrative, police, tax collection, planning, engineering, and recreation offices, along with the Eastern Regional Communications (911) Center.

Among several considered, the existing property proved to be the most favorable for new development. Our plans included a brand new municipal center with traditional and contemporary design aspects. During construction, it was essential that the Municipality of Monroeville conduct their important business and often life-saving responsibilities in their existing location, just twenty-five feet away from the construction area. With a thoughtful strategy and carefully planned building phases, we worked collaboratively with administrative officials of Monroeville, the contractor and community members to ensure that they could use their older building, uninterrupted, until it’s demolition after relocation of municipal operations to the newly-built Monroeville Municipal Center.

The exterior of the building includes glass curtainwalls and skylights to allow natural light to shine through the interior, providing an open and welcoming atmosphere for all visitors. Clearly marked entrances and the interior organization of the building allow the public easy access to needed government services while securely separating public areas from private, operational spaces.