Project Description

Expanding the Footprint for World-Class Veterinary Care

Client: PVSEC
Location: Washington, Pennsylvania
Size: 13,400 SF New Construction

The Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center (PVSEC) provides world-class veterinary services in the Greater Pittsburgh area. They decided to expand their footprint to the South Hills with a new facility that would provide Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Internal Medicine and a 24/7 Emergency Care Center complete with surgical teams and ICU services. PVSEC explained their needs to RSSC Architecture, and what started off as preliminary sketches and notes grew into a top-notch sister facility. RSSC’s thoughtful and careful design created a first class, lifesaving facility that can run with minimal impact to patients during routine building maintenance or repair.

The newly built PVSEC-South Veterinary facility required a sophisticated design and layout to encompass all of the specialty patient needs in one center. Because the client required a facility where physicians share spaces, logical flow patterns were designed to create streamlined mobility for multiple specialists tending to various patients. These flow patterns promote organization and order among the doctors and guests, including public and private entrances, and separate check-in-and-out areas for pet owners and pets. Complex heating, cooling, and ventilation systems were installed to provide an environment without the threat of cross contamination. Additionally, the strategic use of natural light helps conserve energy and provides guest with a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Perhaps the most distinct part of this project is what the eye cannot see. With the client’s hopes of expanding in the future, RSSC designed a 6,500 square foot building pad and adjacent parking pad to hold 60 automobiles. The foundation for future expansion, built during the new facility’s construction, was strategically concealed by grass to avoid the need of any drastic changes to the landscape when the time comes to expand. Additionally, the storm water piping and detention system were extended to the future pad and sized for the expansion, ready to use whenever construction occurs. This first-rate, 24/7 medical facility was built with one think in mind: enhancing the lives of animals. By working closely with the Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center, RSSC Architecture designed an advanced and unparalleled animal hospital, with room to grow.