Hiring an architect is not a decision to be taken lightly.

In addition to having the skills, experience, and referrals needed for your project, you must work seamlessly with the architects, with open and honest communication and a shared vision. Today we will discuss how to find the right architect for your project, as it is the partnership that will ultimately determine the success of your build.


The trending industry jargon is “open communication” but many overlook the importance of attentive listening. Of course, your architect must have open, transparent communication and be easy to reach by phone, in person, and by email, but don’t underestimate the power of a firm that actually listens to their clients. Active listening is about understanding the project and the motivation behind it, hearing the needs of the client and being proactive and agile to changes in the project’s scope.


Whether it’s a non-profit center or a church, a recreational facility or a new municipal office, the building will become a lasting part of the community. Your architect must be community-focused, taking into account the needs of the end-users, along with the demographics of the neighborhood and future infrastructure planning.

Active engagement

Look for a firm that analyzes each project at completion and notes important changes or improvements for the next one. The analysis is not limited to the look and function of the build; it includes auditing the client/architect relationship, the community involvement (open house meetings, input, conflict resolution, etc.), internal processes (administration, communication, and documentation), etc.

Alignment of vision and values

There are plenty of reasons to hire an experienced architect firm that has a robust portfolio of complex projects and a list of clients happy to give a referral. Deciding which firm has similar project experience and specialization can take some time, but it is worth finding a good match. Look for firms that are integrated into the surrounding communities and have established a long history of successful projects. Additionally, Firms that hire newly graduated students from architectural programs continue to embrace new knowledge utilizing the most recent technologies and processes in the industry. When selecting an architect, choose the one whose vision, values and experience are a good fit with your own.

Relationships are key

Any structure, no matter how small, takes a team to build. Your architect must be adept at forging meaningful relationships with designers, planners, contractors, and other clients. The right architect for you will not hesitate to use these contacts as references.

Ross Schonder Sterzinger Cupcheck P.C. (RSSC) Architecture is a firm that has been exceeding client expectations since 1964. Our range of diverse projects includes industrial, office, municipal, non-profit, recreational, religious, retail, and animal care.

We pride ourselves on being active listeners, engaging the community, and always striving to improve our people and processes. The answer to your search for the right architect in Pennsylvania is RSSC; we can’t wait to hear about your vision and help you bring your project to life.