Four Reasons Your Project Deserves Computer Generated Renderings

A successful building design starts with a drawing. In the past, architects would draw plans by hand. Today’s architectural renderings rely on technology. This in no way diminishes the skill needed to envision and plan a facility that will safely perform it’s expected function for life but instead adds several layers of added benefit to each computer generated rendering.

Here are four reasons why computer renderings improve your project.


One of the beauties of computer generated renderings is the ability to show the building from a variety of perspectives. While drawings are flat, architectural renderings can be viewed as 3D models, or easily turned to show different elevations. This multi-perspective view shows a much clearer picture of the end result.

Client Changes

It is far easier to change an architectural rendering than it is to change a building under construction. Since the computer generated renderings provide a realistic view of the end product in 3D and from different angles, it is easier to identify overlooked components. For example, the client may want to explore multiple options and make adjustments such as adding more natural lighting along a corridor or visualizing different floorplans.

Contractor Efficiency

Architectural renderings are digital which means they can easily and securely be transferred to contractors on the project. It is also very easy to control who is authorized to see the plans, since the files can be transported using password-secured LFT sites, or viewed by logging onto the architect’s secure contractor portal.


Since computer generated renderings are so easy to transfer, and can also be quickly modified to show what the facility and grounds will look like in any season, adapted images can be used for marketing. This is especially important for buildings that will house tenants such as mixed-use facilities, condominiums, and shopping centers.

How to get the best computer generated renderings

To get the best computer generated renderings, work with an architectural firm that has an outstanding reputation built by years of experience.

RSSC Architecture’s origins go back to 1964 and at every step of our growth, we’ve embraced the technologies that enable us to best serve our clients. Our architectural services provide everything you need for the basis of a successful project, including evaluation, pre-design, building design, and more.

RSSC projects are seen in the industrial & office, municipal, non-profit, recreational, religious, and animal care sectors. Our forward-thinking designs provide incredibly efficient structures that outperform expected lifecycles.

Rely on RSSC’s computer generated drawings to get your project started. Not only are our renderings a crucial resource for your end goal, our 3D architectural renderings bring your vision to life.

Contact us today to learn more about digital renderings or any of the other services we provide.