Schematic Design: Put your dream to paper

Draw your concept. RSSC Architecture, one of the leading architectural firms in Pittsburgh, PA will meet with you on a regular basis to create, refine, and finalize the building concept that meets your unique needs and vision. We establish the intent, size, relationship and overall conceptual design of your project to bring you closer to your goal.

Design Development: Build a strong foundation

Begin to dig into the details. Building upon the Schematic Design, we refine and cultivate creative solutions specific to your goals. We explore materials, building systems and architectural details to obtain the aesthetics, major components and details specifically tailored to your vision.

Construction Documents: Positive progress

Finalize the details. We establish the type and quality levels of materials and systems for your project.   We develop a set of highly detailed and coordinated drawings and specifications that are used to secure code approvals, bid and build your project.

Bidding: Completing the team

Secure a construction team. We obtain formal quotes for construction from a contractor of your choosing, established from an invited list of contractors or bid through the public bidding process.

Construction Administration: Your advocate

Build the vision. We represent you to ensure your project is constructed in accordance with the drawings and specifications. Our design team thoroughly reviews contractor’s shop drawings, requests for interpretation, requests for payment, and change orders; as your representative we attend construction observation meetings and prepare punch lists of work to be corrected or completed.

Traditional Building Design services in Pittsburgh, PA.